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Messaging without boundaries™


Interchange® Communication Suite

The new Interchange Communication Suite (ICS) offers a variety of open voice processing solutions to meet nearly any business requirement. Each solution is configured to provide you with a business communications application that is tailored to your specific needs. Interchange allows your organization to service customers better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Interchange Building Blocks
The Interchange solution is available in pre-configured platforms or configure-to-order platforms along with a variety of expansion and software options.

  • Lite Platform: Pre-configured platforms are available with the following options.
  • Tower PC
  • 4, 8 or 12 ports
  • Digital media boards
  • Enterprise Platform: Custom configured Interchange platforms are available in the following form factors:
  • Tower or Rack Mount
  • 4 to 28 ports
  • Digital media boards
  • Large Scale Platform: Custom configured Interchange platforms are available in the following form factors:
  • Rack Mount
  • Large Scale Chassis
  • 5 ISA/5 PCI slots
  • Media processing boards providing additional ports are available with the following options.
  • 4 or 12 port media processing boards
  • Digital
  • PCI
  • Software Options: Additional Interchange application options are also available.
  • Unified Messaging Option
  • Call Recording Option
  • Interactive Voice Response Option
  • Outbound Telemarketing Option
  • Text to Speech (Email Reader) Option
  • Visual Call Manager Option
  • Call Center Option
  • CONVERSip Call Center Plus Option

Unified Messaging

Interchange unified messaging allows subscribers to access all their messages from a single inbox. From a PC desktop, you can manage voice messages using your email client application. When calling into the Interchange system from any telephone, subscribers will be able to listen, reply to, and forward all messaging types including voice and email. Interchange comes standard with 50 Unified Messaging seats and 5 Visual Call Management seats depending on the package purchased. Additional seats are available in 10 and 50 seat increments. Visual Call Manager is included with unified messaging seats.

Call Recording

Scheduled Call Recording per CS Box optionally provides call-recording functions for select customer service calls. Customer Service Boxes can be configured to silent monitor and record calls transferred to specific agents according to a “per queue”, 24/7 schedule. The recordings, stored in .WAV format, are stored on a specified remote location off of the voice mail server. Each Customer Service Box can schedule up to 10 agents per Customer Service Box. This feature allows the recording of 10 simultaneous conversations based on a pre-determine schedule initiated by the system administrator.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a feature whereby a caller can use his/her telephone to search a database by phone for an immediate, automated response. IVR gives customers immediate access to information they need. Typical applications include bank-by-phone (enter an account number and hear the account balance), inventory (enter a part number and hear how many of the parts are in stock), and shipping (a caller can receive information on order status, ship date, and cost).

Outbound Telemarketing

With Outbound Telemarketing, the system can initiate outbound calls based on a list of phone numbers. When the system detects an answer, it plays a message (such as "please hold for a customer representative") and can transfer the call to a specific extension or group of extensions. The system can initiate dialing on up to 5 ports at the same time.

Text to Speech

Email reading functionality is provided with Text-to-Speech. Each license provides two simultaneous sessions. For addition sessions simply purchase two or more additional session licenses.

Visual Call Manager

The call manager provides two features, mail box administration and call control capabilities. Administering your mailbox has never been easier. Mailbox administration utility allows you to record, activate and manage your mailbox greetings. Call control provides the ability to direct message delivery; schedules and adjust call transfer. You can view and screen calls as they come in and respond to them however you want; redirect the call, places it in queue, record the conversation or play a greeting message.

Call Center Option

The Call Center Option is a workgroup call center offering for Interchange. The Call Center Option addresses workgroup call centers with 5-50 agents requiring distributed call center capabilities, remote IP agents, dynamic user-defined call routing, cost-effective call queuing, flexible queue servicing and/or robust near-real-time queue statistics.

Call Center Option

The Call Center Option


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