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Vertical Corporate Office

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Vertical Small and Corporate Office

Small Office and Corporate Office systems offer affordable, full-featured automated attendant and voice mail in 100 and 10,000 box configurations.

These stand-alone systems are easy to install, and provide robust, reliable voice messaging for companies of any size. Corporate Office provides a maximum of 16-port configurations with 10,000 boxes and virtually unlimited voice message storage space. With over 60 available features including call queuing, screening, paging, multi-lingual prompts, auto message forwarding, and advanced call routing capabilities, Small Office provides the same sophisticated feature set with a cost-effective 2 or 4 port configurations with a 100-box maximum.

Simple, Reliable, Affordable
Enhanced communications means enhanced productivity, and that’s what Vertical delivers in the Small Office and Corporate Office systems. Strong engineering and straight-forward, workable configurations make these systems easy to install and use. And with Small Office and Corporate Office, you get systems that will work for you around the clock, so your callers get the assistance they need, no matter when they call. If you need robust features, scaled to your business needs, in an affordable package, look no further than the Small Office and Corporate Office systems.

Easy Setup, Administration and Training
Small Office and Corporate Office were designed to be easy to install and use. Clear, concise menus lead system administrators through each function they want to complete, making routine modifications to the system quick and effortless. Changes can even be made right through the telephone, and training your employees is a breeze. A tutorial walks new users through the set up of their mailboxes and recording of their greetings. Once setup is complete, the systems prompts users through the features and options in a calm and friendly voice, helping them learn the systems’ powerful capabilities.

Round the clock Reliability
With the Automated Attendant feature, your callers will receive prompt, professional attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many inquiries, such as business hours or location information can be handled entirely by the Automated Attendant. This frees employees from handling routine questions, allowing them to spend their time more productively.

Rich Features for Your Business
Beyond the standard personal mailboxes, call screening and call routing functions, Small Office and Corporate Office offer many features that make your system even more user-friendly.

• Custom Greetings give your employees the capability to store and change up to 10 distinct greetings, so they can address callers with specific information depending upon the situation.
• Mailboxes allow users to manage calls based on their work schedules, so that individual phones can be set to redirect calls or play mailbox greetings automatically during employees’ off hours. The system can even transfer messages to an employee’s home after-hours or on weekends.
• The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module enhances customer service by allowing callers to access specific information stored in a database. You can set up IVR applications to answer many questions callers might routinely ask, such as account balances, parts inventory, service rates, or dealer locations.
• Question Boxes automate the task of collecting information from callers, prompting them for specific data and then storing it for later review and processing. It’s an easy way to conduct job interviews, survey customers, or collect status reports.
• The Outbound Telemarketing module lets you contact large groups of individuals quickly and conveniently. You provide a list of phone numbers, and the system makes the calls, delivering and retrieving information you specify from called parties.
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) routes calls to a specific group of extensions to connect your customers with someone who can assist them quickly and efficiently.


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