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Vertical MP5000
Features and Benefits

The Value of IP Telephony

Merging the MP5000™ and a TCP/IP telecommunications network yields a rock-solid VoIP solution and a synergistic payoff: the power to use sophisticated, easily customized computer applications and existing network resources to manage voice communications. Off-the-shelf Vertical applications deliver a suite of advanced call handling, call center and true unified communications and messaging capabilities. Single-point administration via TCP/IP from any point on the network provides visibility and surgical access into system performance by region, individual location, department or user. Plus, configuring new sites and implementing moves, adds and changes is fast and easy.

The MP5000 supports the latest standards-based SIP/VoIP telephony, and is the ideal telecommuting solution to support mobile workers and stay-at-home personnel who opt to work part time or to combat fast-rising
travel costs. Calling features and functions are available in networked branches and remote locations. Whether in the office or not, users can access calls and messages from multiple devices, including SIP phones via conventional VPN connectivity, IP phones, digital phones, mobile phones, fax, e-mail devices and more. And because the MP5000 runs on a network, it can provide helpful “presence management” via SIP endpoints – visually showing the hook status of all endpoints. The Edge 200 SIP softphone also supports video calling, private enterprise instant messaging and much more.

Single and Multi-Site Flexibility

The MP5000 can be deployed by a certified installer as a single-site or multi-site unified solution. Its modular design scales quickly and easily from a handful of users in a single office up to a multi-site enterprise with thousands of end-users, using virtually any combination of endpoints.

Hot Desking Creates Virtual Office Space
The MP5000 can create personalized desks for employees across the network through “hot desking.” Hot desking enables multiple employees to customize any workstation to their personal preferences and credentials by simply logging in. Hot desking is the ideal solution when employees outnumber work stations – situations that are common in real estate, law enforcement, insurance claims audits, sales, social work, inspection, career and financial advising and training organizations and environments.

Ideal Telecommuting Solution
With an MP5000 IP solution the work can move to the workers instead of the workers moving to the work. The physical barriers to communication that once required workers to be in their offices are gone. Busy professionals especially appreciate the convenience of softphone support using Edge 200 endpoint software, which enables them to make calls directly from a laptop or PC. Telecommuting enables a flexible work structure that encourages employee retention and reduces total office space requirements. Increasingly attractive as fuel costs increase, “Telecommuting more than pays its way,” according to a recent state of California telecommuting pilot program.

The Value of IP Video
The MP5000 supports peer-to-peer IP video calling and secure instant messaging (IM) using the existing LAN/WAN infrastructure. As a result, enterprises can realize a direct ROI from savings in travel costs. Video facilitates collaboration and can dramatically enhance productivity by connecting people in an audiovisual environment who may be in different time zones and speak different languages.

Call Control and Messaging

The MP5000 platform includes basic built-in calling functions such as call forwarding and caller ID for remote and home office workers for single-site and multi-site installations. It also includes built-in unified call distribution (UCD) to meet call routing requirements. Capabilities include linear and round robin station hunting and queuing ringing calls into groups. An optional UCD report generation application called UCD Reports is available.

Voicemail Options

A suite of optional call-handling and messaging applications provides a wide range of functions from basic voicemail to voice e-mail and call recording.

The Interchange Communications Suite of applications increases productivity by consolidating voice and e-mail messaging and third-party fax into one easy-to-use Unified Messaging (UM) platform. Interchange integrates with world-standard Microsoft Outlook®. Users can handle voicemail just like e-mail messages and record, save, delete, or forward calls from their desktop. Users can even listen to e-mail messages read aloud over the phone.2 Other time-saving Interchange functions include auto-attendant, mailboxes, Find-Me-Follow-Me, plus optional workgroup call center features and call recording.

Corporate Office®
The MP5000 Corporate Office option is a basic messaging solution that includes auto-attendant, enhanced voice messaging, call forwarding, custom greetings and more. This cost-effective application also enables callers to mark messages as urgent or private and transfer to another extension or mobile phone.

Desktop Management Suite

Vertical offers a suite of four Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications for the MP5000 that streamline call handling and management across your LAN. These powerful applications comply with TSAPI, TAPI and CSTA standards and can be tailored to meet the particular needs of an organization.

Impact Attendant
Designed for reception and operator console applications, Impact Attendant displays the status of all users on a PC monitor.

Impact Call
Provides call control and status reporting for individuals across your network.

Impact Group
Provides call control and status reporting for workgroups across the network.

Corporate Call
Integrated with Microsoft Outlook® for powerful call handling and messaging control; also supports FrontRange Solutions GoldMine®.

Call Center Integration

Virtually all businesses utilize a form of call center. The MP5000 provides options to meet a wide range of requirements.

QuickQ is a sophisticated solution that automatically distributes incoming calls to the best available resource. QuickQ includes powerful, real-time monitoring and reporting tools that measure call center performance.

Interchange Call Center Option
The Interchange Communications Suite Call Center option provides basic routing and real-time reporting and administration capabilities to informal workgroup call centers.


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