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Vertical FX II
Vertical Comdial® FX II™ Business Phone System:
Real Business Value for Small and Midsize Enterprises
As your organization grows, both voice and data communications become more challenging –– and more critical to continued success. The Vertical Comdial FX II Business Communications System enables voice communications to be transported and easily managed over data networks. A suite of messaging and call control applications enable unified voicemail and e-mail messaging, flexible call routing and reporting for single-site and multi-site organizations. The FX II is a hard-working business phone system that raises the power of communications to the next level and grows gracefully with your organization.
Growth is Good
You've worked hard to grow your business. Whether your organization has grown within a large campus environment, among multiple offices across a region or a continent, by running multiple shifts or by growing a team of telecommuting workers, continued growth will depend increasingly on efficient, economical communication across your entire enterprise. The FX II system dramatically streamlines your communications by enabling you to make and receive calls over a managed network. The FX II supports both new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony and traditional digital communications within a unified infrastructure. VoIP telephony can eliminate toll calls, slash administrative costs and provide powerful new administrative capabilities. With the FX II you can focus on growing your bottom line, not your communications network!

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