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Vertical DX120
Features and Benefits

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

The basic DX-120 system delivers nearly 200 powerful communications features right out of the box, giving your organization a jump start on the competition. A sampling includes:

  • Built-In Caller ID: The caller’s name and number are clearly displayed on both digital and Caller ID-capable analog telephone sets, providing caller ID information regardless of extension type.

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID): With T1 or ISDN PRI trunking, the DX-120 supports up to 100 DID numbers for direct caller access to personnel, greetings such as directions or hours, mailboxes, hotlines, departments and fax.

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD): Allows extensions to be linked for call handling, enabling efficient utilization of your customer service resources. Incoming calls can be forwarded to the next available agent or on a per-group basis (sales, tech support, etc.) using Linear, Distributed or All Ring modes

  • “Meet-Me” Conferencing: In addition to supporting standard conference calling, the DX-120 also supports eight “Meet-Me” conference bridges. All parties can dial directly into a conference call from the road or inside the office.

  • Tenant Service: By configuring tenant groups, one DX-120 system can be configured to serve multiple premises while meeting the specific customization requirements of each. Paired with its two Music-on-Hold sources, the DX-120 can serve multiple offices and meet the specific customization requirements of each.

  • Fax Detection: The DX-120 supports automatic fax detection with analog trunking, eliminating the expense of a separate fax line.

  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR): Track data for incoming and outgoing CO calls; connects to printer or serial interface.

  • Music-on-Hold: One internal music source is included in the DX-120 System. Two jacks are provided for external music inputs.

  • Public Address Interface: Connect the DX-120 to speakers or a horn — a perfect solution for warehouses and general paging needs.

  • Door/Gate Control Interface: Use your phone to operate a contact closure to open a door or gate, or ring a loud bell or other device.

Options that Boost Efficiency

To further enhance your organization’s productivity and efficiency, the DX-120 system includes a broad array of options.

T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking: The DX-120 supports T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking as well as analog trunking to support up to a 40x80x8 configuration. T1/PRI trunking also enables Direct Inward Dialing for up to 100 numbers. The DX-120 also supports External Call Forwarding for DID calls, assuring that users can always be reached.

Corporate Office™ Voicemail Module: The DX-120 digital voice processing card provides fully integrated voice messaging — including automated attendant and call recording. In addition, the DX-120 does not require any communication system extension ports, which means all 88 extension ports are completely available for digital and analog port needs. Choose from two voicemail memory options — a flash memory module with 8 hours of message capacity; or a hard drive card with a full 150 hours of message capacity and a built-in modem that enables remote access and configuration of the DX-120 system, including voicemail.

Automated Attendant Module: This dedicated module handles incoming calls when a live attendant is unavailable. It’s quickly and easily customizable to direct callers to the appropriate extension or department.

Modem Module: The DX-120 Modem Module enables remote access and configuration of system parameters, virtually eliminating response time and service costs.

Expansion Boards: Need more capacity? Add a T1 or PRI Card, a 4-port CO Line Module, an 8-port or 16-port Digital Station Module, a 4-port Analog Station Module or a Modem Module to meet your requirements.

Expansion Cabinet: An optional expansion cabinet can be connected to the base cabinet to provide capacities up to 40x80x8.


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