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Features that we feel are important to production users!


Telephone line mapping, programmed to match each button on the phone


Button 1 = line 1
Button 2 = line 2
Etc, Etc. (up to 24 lines per phone, each phone can have a different set of lines)

This allows you to put calls on hold, which makes that button blink on every phone programmed with those lines, and then just intercom a co-worker and they can press the corresponding button to retrieve a call.
“This is an incredibility fast way to move calls between users”
Each department can see all their own lines and if you want, they can see other department lines as well, along with ringing or no ringing.
This is a standard feature on all our systems.


Station mapping, program any open button to match an extension


Button 18 = Station 112
Button 19 = Station 117
Etc, Etc. (Each phone can is setup individually to match their preference)

When the button is red, the user is on the phone
To call that user just press the button and talk hands free (no dialing the intercom number or having to remember all the intercom numbers)
To transfer, press transfer then the button and hang up (again no dialing of intercom numbers)
This is a standard feature on all our systems; just think how easy it will be to call co-workers

Call for full details of how it works and what it means to your production

These simple examples are just a couple of features, that sets us apart from the copy cat companies, that now try and keep up with what we started in 1985. Our long experience and vast inventory of equipment, allows us to deliver the same user-friendly systems no matter the size of your production office, casting office, Construction warehouse, Etc.

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